Support Forum

The preferred method to get support is use of the private 4DSP support forum.

Alternatively, customers can email to support requests to


  • Windows
    • For FMC based products, you can download the Windows Board Support Package from
    • For FPGA and system level products the Windows and Linux Board Support package can be accessed from
  • VxWorks
    • Please contact your sales representative for download information.


4DSP's Board Support Package contains intuitive tools to help provide customers with a smooth experience right out of the box:

  • StellarIP is a simple way to design FPGA firmware with automated code and bitstream generation.
  • 4FM GUI offers multiple functions including the ability to monitor voltage and temperature; perform memory tests; measure the PCIe bandwidth; update FPGA firmware; and access StellarIP.
  • Data analyzer makes it possible to display digitized data and spectrum in real time.


Documents are available from the product pages and in the Board Support Package.


4DSP provides ftp credentials to customers for exchanging large files or data sets with our engineering staff. Each customer receives individual credentials to preserve confidentiality of the exchanged information. Please contact your sales representatives for ftp credentials.