4DSP provides highly optimized IP cores for Xilinx and Altera FPGA devices. Dedicated to Digital Signal Processing applications, our designs combine speed and efficient resources usage. Whatever the requirements, we can either deliver a tailored solution or offer you one of our generic cores from the list below.

All our IP cores are delivered with a fully functional VHDL testbench and Matlab functions for simulation purposes and specific performance characterization.

If you are interested in one of our IP cores or would like to discuss a specific solution, please, send an email to sales@4dsp.com with a description of your requirements.

Floating Point FFT

4DSP's Floating Point FFT core is the most flexible IEEE-754 compliant FFT core available in the FPGA world. Designed for high performance programmable devices from Xilinx and Altera, this core performs Fast Fourier Transforms ranging from 256 points to 1M points and is ideal for high precision spectral analysis, radar and video processing applications.

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Fixed Point FFT

4DSP's fixed point FFT cores are the most efficient and fastest available in the FPGA world. With a revolutionary architecture for efficient memory usage and balanced use of arithmetic and logic resources, we offer complete FFT solutions with any input resolution up to 2GSPS. Whether you require a forward FFT, Inverse FFT, a 2D FFT, correlation or any algorithm efficiently performed with a Fourier transform, our technology will offer you the best solution for a cost effective implementation.

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Serial FPDP

4DSP's serial front panel data port core for FPGA is based on the ANSI/VITA 17.1-2003 standard. This intellectual property core can be implemented on any Xilinx FPGA families.

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Polyphase Filterbank

The polyphase filterbank core is designed for 16 up to 4096 channels. Slower processing rates to better suit various requirements can be implemented. The data resolution ranges from 8-bit up to 24-bit. A floating-point version of the core is available upon request.

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Digital Down Converter

A Digital Down Converter performs channel access functions in digital receivers. It is used for extracting a channel (frequency band) of interest in a wideband signal. 4DSP's wideband DDC core employs a quad DDC architecture to achieve ultra high performances. The core accepts up to 16-bit complex data and can process 1GSPS continuously. With a fully programmable architecture at all stages of the processing, this core combines flexibility and speed and can be used in combination with our dual-channel 1GSPS ADC module.

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