Data Analyzer


The Data Analyzer provides real-time data acquisition and generation using 4DSP line of FMC cards on a variety of FPGA platforms. It displays waveforms and performs Fast Fourier Transforms on digitized data, thus providing the basic functionalities of an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer in one single and easy to use tool.

The Data Analyzer was developed using the same reference application/library made available to customers as part of the Board Support Package delivered along with our hardware products. It demonstrates that 4DSP software and FPGA reference designs can be quickly adapted to match requirements for a multitude of applications, thus minimizing time time-to-market and reduce overall project risk.


  • Can be used with any A/D and D/A 4DSP FMC.
  • Real time data acquisition with virtual oscilloscope display.
  • Real time FFT spectrum display.
  • Generation of sine and square waves for products with D/A capability.
  • Dynamically record digitized data frames into a text file for post processing and analysis.

Data Analysis and Graphs

  • Fast Fourier Transform, up to 8192 samples per scan.
  • Real time measurements
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) (dBFS)
    • Fundamental Frequency (Hz)
    • Fundamental Power (dBFS)
    • Noise Floor (dbFS)
    • Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) (dBc)
    • Spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) (dBFS)
  • Graph allows zooming in/out of the spectral density plot.
  • Oscilloscope mode can display a subset of the samples.
  • Both the graph and measurements are dynamically updated for each burst acquisition.
  • Capable of overlaying DAC and ADC spectral information. This feature is useful when looping back a DAC output onto an ADC input.