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VP780 Virtex™ 7 3U VPX

VITA 46 Compliant with FMC site and optional VITA 67 I/O

  • Description

      This product can be used in the VPX360 and VPX362.

      The VP780 is a high-performance Virtex-7 VPX card with advanced digital signal processing capabilities. The design has been optimized for the implementation of complex FPGA algorithms with high throughput requirements. Optionally conduction-cooled, the VP780 is in the 3U VPX form factor, offering up to 10GBytes of DDR3 SDRAM and additional memory options on 2 BLAST sites. A VITA 57 compliant FMC site makes it possible to easily integrate I/O cards with A/D, D/A, RF capabilities and more. The VP780 is an excellent choice for high performance applications that require the use of accelerated frequency-domain algorithms such as with FFTs. 4DSP offers many off-the-shelf Intellectual Property (IP) cores for applications that require the highest level of performance.

  • Features
      Virtex-7 XC7VX485T, XC7VX690T, XC7VX980T, XC7VX1140T
      2GBytes of DDR3 SDRAM in 4 independent 8-bit banks.
      High density Memory Options using BLAST sites: additional DDR3 SDRAM (8Gbytes), QDR2+ SRAM, NAND FLASH.
      VPX VITA 46 Compliant
      Optional VITA 67 I/O
      Front Panel FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC)
      Uart over USB
      Heat sink available for air cooled applications.
      Clamshell available for optimal heat dissipation in conduction-cooled applications.
  • FMC Options
  • User Selectable Build Options
  • Board Support Package
      4FM GUI offers multiple functions including the ability to monitor voltage and temperature; perform memory tests; measure the PCIe bandwidth; update FPGA firmware; and access StellarIP
      StellarIP available for this product. A simple way to design FPGA firmware with automated code and bitstream generation
      Board control and monitoring tools
      Flash programming utility
      Confidence tests
      Host side API
      Software program example
      Xilinx ISE project
      Test firmware and VHDL source code
      Drivers for Windows, Linux, VxWorks
      Download the BSP datasheet for more information
  • Application
      Software Defined Radio (SDR)
      RADAR/SONAR Image Processor
      Satellite communication systems
      RADAR & Radio Jamming
      JPEG2000 Video Image Processors
      Baseband Communication Transceivers
      Multi-Channel digital receivers
      Up to 64M-point floating-point FFT processing
      Event Processor & Recorder
      Direction Finding
  • Environmental
      EnvironmentalLevel ALevel B
      Operating Temperature0°C to 70°C-40°C to 85°C
      Storage Temperature-50°C to 125°C-50°C to 125°C
      Humidity-Operating0 to 100% non condensing0 to 100% non condensing
      Storage Humidity0 to 100%0 to 100%
      Vibration Random0.1 g2/Hz
      10 - 3kHz
      0.1 g2/Hz
      10 - 3kHz
      Shock30g peak30g peak

      Talk to us about your algorithmic requirements, 4DSP is a full-service firmware and software development house. We are specialist at high performance FFT and Video Processing. Check with us, we may have IP Cores that meet requirements for your application, right off the shelf.

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