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Title: StellarIP V3 - Beta
Post by: arnaudNL on January 15, 2013, 01:12 PM
Dear Valued Customers,

We are planning on releasing a new StellarIP version. This new StellarIP brings Vivado support (on designs supporting it), is completely integrated in the schematic editor and a couple of extra features.

We are searching for 5 BETA users. These BETA customers should have a bit of extra time as there might be some problems here and there and ideally knows how to use the current StellarIP, mostly because the lack of documentation so far.

Note that people who purchased our FMC from AVNET are NOT entitled to the BETA program.

Interested? Then please drop us an email to support@4dsp.com with a subject "BETA". We will select five users out of the emails we receive.

Best Regards,