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Issues powering up FMC230 on a Vadatech carrier card

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We can't get our FMC230 card to power up when plugged into an AMC516 FMC carrier.  We have a few other 4DSP FMC cards that seem to function properly on either a Vadatech AMC514 (Virtex 6 FPGA carrier) or an AMC516 (Virtex 7).
The carrier card first powers up the management rail for I2C communications prior to powering up the payload power.  A Vadatech tech support provided us with some guess as to what might be going on,

"We will provide AMCMP(3P3VAUX) and then utilize the I2C bus for reading the VADJ requirements from the FMC EEPROM and then configuring our variable power regulator.  Only then will we enable the payload power rails (including +3.3V) since that is when we know the full payload power requirements.  So if they have things hanging off of the management I2C bus that touch the payload power domain directly, those chips could potentially pull-down the I2C bus.  "

Is this an issue you are aware of and is there some modification we can do on the board to get it to work properly?

Thank you,

Hi Stan,

On the FMC230 there is indeed a power supply monitoring device that does stall the I2C communication when there is no power applied to the board. We offer customers with an issue to remove the monitoring device if there carrier board cannot be forced to power up. This modification will not change the main functionality of the board. It is a modification we would have to perform at 4DSP. Let me know if you need this and I can provide instructions for returning the board. Please provide me with the serial number of the board in that case. You may want to check with Vadatech first, if there is a way to force the board to power up.

My apologies for the inconvenience,

Hi Peter,
thank you for the quick reply.
We have a few of them, but first we will start off with SN0140 and SN0121. After that, once we confirm they work we will send you the rest for modification.


Peter, could we expedite the process please. We would like to get this done as fast as possible.  Thank you



Yes, we can turn these around quickly. Please send them with the attached form filled out. The RMA number is 15022001.

Best regards,


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