Topic: Required steps to create StellarIP Command to AXI-Lite Conversion  (Read 6431 times)

chetan.patil November 22, 2014, 07:03 AM

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Dear Sir,

We want to interface FMC112 IP Block (sip_fmc112) to AXI bus. We refered to "AN002 Tutorial: StellarIP Interface to AXI" document and from that we understand, to do this we need three conversion entities given below.

1. stellarcmd_to_axilite.vhd => StellarIP Command to AXI-Lite
2. axistream_to_whin.vhd => Wormhole Input to AXI-Stream Slave
3. whout_to_axistream.vhd => Wormhole Output to AXI-Stream Master

We have created conversion entity 2 & 3 by referring "AN001 Tutorial: Axis to StellarIP Interface" document.

We are unable to create entity 1 i.e. stellarcmd_to_axilite.vhd as we do not have any document describing the steps to create StellarIP Command to AXI-Lite Conversion.

So, pls. provide us the same OR provide us the source files to do this conversion.

Thanks & Regards,
Chetan Patil.
Design Enginner.

Waiting for your reply. ASAP.
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iklink November 25, 2014, 05:40 AM (#1)

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Please refer to AN002, section 3.3 for the StellarIP command to AXI lite conversion.  This section should help you through when creating the stellarcmd_to_axilite.vhd entity.

Best regards,
Ingmar van Klink

arnaudNL November 25, 2014, 07:35 AM (#2)

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This topic is being closed because the issue is considered as resolved by 4DSP. Feel free to create a new topic for any further inquiries.