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Dear Sir,
I have integrated the reference design "fmc230_if.vhd" in my top level module. I removed the instances that are not needed, so that just "fmc230_cpld_ctrl", "fmc230_ad9129_ctrl" and "fmc230_ad9517_ctrl" are used. I have implemented an FSM to write the register settings in "in_cmd" zu configure the three devices: CPLD, AD9517-1 and AD9129.

I'm afraid I didn't write all the registers of AD9517-1 correctly (using integrated PLL and internal VCO to generate a clock of 2457.6MHz for the DAC), so that the desired clocks are not generated. Can you provide me a set of  register settings for the PLL design which is described in the "FMC_230_user_manual - 4.9.1"?

It would be very helpful if you can also share the standard register settings to run the whole system. I would be very appreciated, thank you!

Dear Sir,

We do not have that list, we would need to create that list for you, you should expect costs of about 1 man day, I am not able to tell how much this is. You would need to get a sales engineer to contact you in order to discuss that further.

You could also create your own list. In the module sipif.cpp is a function sip_writesipreg() called to write a 32 bit words through the host interface. What you could do is modify this function in order to create a CSV file for you and then you would have the list of all the writes, their address and value. This is a trick I used often in the past.

There might also be some portion of code waiting on PLLs to be locked, delaying the init. If this is the case you should make sure to do the same in your firmware.

I hope that helps.

Best Regards,

Dear Arnaud,
thank you for the rapid answer!
In the file "FMC230_clocktree.cpp", there are register settings for the clock tree in the function FMC230_clocktree_init(). They are just the register list I can copy to the firmware, aren't they?

Yes, that should be it. Do you mean that did not work?

Dear Arnaud,

thanks, I will implement it today. I didn't mean this dosen't work, I found it with your help yesterday.


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