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I am using a KC705 Rev.C board and a FMC150 r2.1

The stellarIP software couldn't generate the 156_kc705_fmc150.dsn saying that it couldn't find the .xdc files when I tried to generate under Vivado terms, and when I tried to generate to ISE I get the message "Unknown property value "xc7k325t" while executing "project set device xc7k325t"". The license also stopped working after a day.

Using the KC705 fmc150 reference design I was able to program my board but both DAC's only output a sine wave with no reference to the wave I put into the ADCs. How do I get the board to take in a wave from a waveform generator and have it output to the DAC?

Is there a reference design which also includes a microblaze along with the FMC functionality?


Constellation 156 doesn't support Vivado yet. Did you enable Vivado flow support in Design Details (Ctrl+D) in StellarIP yourself? By default it should not be enabled. Could you please try to run generate with a clean .dsn taken from the BSP release with ISE support.

The reference design supports acquisition of data on the ADC inputs, and generation of a waveform on the DAC outputs. These two are not linked, is there a specific reason that you want to replay the ADC waveform directly on the DAC outputs? In the reference software, Fmc15xAPP -> main.cpp, you will see that the software generates a waveform that is loaded to the DACs (function: GenerateWaveform16()). By modifying this function you can change the output waveforms of the DACs.

We don't have a reference design that includes microblaze support, if you want to have such a reference design I would recommend you to get in contact with the sales department.

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We already performed your suggestions about running a generate only with ISE, however we get an error saying that "Unknown property value "xc7k325t" while executing "project set device xc7k325t"".  Is there any way to fix this so we can generate for ISE?

Also the license also stopped working after a day, is there a reason for this?

We understand the reference design does not support ADC inputs, we were wondering how we would enable ADC inputs. We want the microblaze to read in the ADC values and then put these values out into the DAC. Is there any suggestions you can give us?


Could you provide/confirm the version of StellarIP and ISE that you are using?

The license shouldn't stop, I will discuss this internally.

Do you want to read the ADC and forward to DAC in the microblaze in real-time? Or do you mean snapshots of samples?

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We are using ISE 17.7, and Stellar IP is version

We want to read from the ADC in real time and put the data into the microblaze then output the microblaze data to the DAC.


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