Topic: UCF for using FMC204 on FMC2 of VC707  (Read 8763 times)

danraf October 22, 2013, 08:55 AM

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Dear Sir,

We like to use both FMC204 and FMC116 on same VC707. The BSP provided for FMC204 on VC707 uses FMC1 so we need to move it to FMC2. Can you privude the UCF section for the pin connections of the FMC204?

Another different question: we currently use ISE but we like to move to Vivado for the our design for both FMC116 and FMC204. Can you provide  XDC projects for both (FMC116 and FMC204 on VC707) ?


arnaudNL October 22, 2013, 09:50 AM (#1)

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Dear Dani,

We do not have FMC204 on FMC2 unfortunately. You would need to modify star_lib\sip_fmc204\sip_files\sip_fmc204_vc707_0.ucf and change the physical mapping. In a stellarIP point of view one would create a sip_fmc204_vc707_1.ucf based on sip_fmc204_vc707_0.ucf. The new UCF should have updated "LOC=" to reflect FMC2 and also all the _0 in the UCF should be replaced with _1. As an example, DAC0_DCLK_N_0 becomes DAC0_DCLK_N_1.

Then you can modify the sdf file in the implement folder. Typically for the VC707-FMC204 (firmware 352):

1) The star declaration area should have a change related to sip_fmc204 ( this will make StellarIP to use your new fragment, sip_fmc204_1.ucf )

--STAR sip_fmc204          , ID=0    , FILE=sip_fmc204\sip_files\sip_fmc204_v7.lst; (remove)
++STAR sip_fmc204          , ID=1    , FILE=sip_fmc204\sip_files\sip_fmc204_v7.lst; (add)

2) All sip_fmc204.0 occurences in the file should be replaced with sip_fmc204.1.


--sip_cmd12_mux.0(cmd4_in)         <= sip_fmc204.0(cmd_out);
++ sip_cmd12_mux.0(cmd4_in)         <= sip_fmc204.1(cmd_out);

It would be easy to simply add FMC116 star in there which will default to FMC1. Then you can simply redesign your data paths and you will have your firmware supporting FMC204 and FMC116

We don't have Vivado support yet, well we do have it but we are busy converting millions of UCF towards XDC...

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,

arnaudNL February 05, 2014, 06:40 AM (#2)

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