Topic: VC707 with FMC126  (Read 4877 times)

zhangxiang April 16, 2013, 04:33 AM

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 I  am trying to use vc707 to control fmc126,but I encountered some questions?
     1:when I use 4FM GUI to program FMC126, it always tell me that "INFO : Could not find Xilinx tools in
        in 'D:\ISE\bin\xtclsh.exe', please retry...", but in fact I have installed ISE successfully.
     2:when I open FMC12XAPP,it just shows in the screen  so  quickly  that I can't set any information? no matter ON WINXP or WIN7
     3:The document tell me to download the .bit directly, and  it will stored the sampled data in a file on the computer. Does it   have
        configurations to the Ethernet?

arnaudNL April 16, 2013, 05:22 AM (#1)

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Dear Sir,
1. The tools expecting ISE to be installed on default path. The path to ISE is selected in StellarIP extra settings, you can reach that using "extra Settings" button. You can try to browse to D:\ISE\bin\nt and not D:\ISE\bin. If that does not work, please install Xilinx tool at their default path.
2. Open a command prompt window, cd to the right folder and execute the application.
3. The .bit file contain the the reference firmware and the internet interface.
Best Regards,