Topic: FMC150 as part of the kintex7dsp kit  (Read 3746 times)

tdc March 07, 2013, 11:59 PM

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Now After receiving the FMC150 as part of the kintex7dsp kit for a moment I have begun a study of using it. May I have some questions as below?

1) I note from k7dsp_rtl_tutorial's configuration-related files that the 'ext'
clocking option means the ext clock from the mmcx connector is feed directly to the o/p dividers. If I want to use the ext clock as the (sec) reference to the PLL (I will need to change the s/w configuration setting), is it supported already by the h/w without any modification? In other words, please clarify "assembly option" stated in Fig. 5 of the user manual.

2) The user manual states about External Clock/Reference Input that "input
level: 0.1 – 1.3 Vp-p; 50 ohms; (AC coupled)". Can it be a sinusoid at 0.5 Vpp (i.e., -2.04 dBm)?

3) How to bypass the DAC re-construction filters with 0-ohm resistors according to the user manual?

4) Is it possible to use the OSTRP port of the DAC?