Topic: FM125 on ML605 with PCIe  (Read 5728 times)

jchang February 13, 2013, 12:54 PM

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From the 4FM Getting Started Guide V4.3 pg. 19: "Note that devices communicating over Ethernet as the ML605 cannot be controlled by this software."  and pg. 21, pg. 23, pg. 24 "Devices communicating over Ethernet as the ML605 are not supported by this plug-in!"  I'm not sure how to interpret these statements.  Does this mean that just the software/plug-in does support the ML605 using PCIe as the interface?  Or is there no support using the ML605 with the PCIe interface at all?

For PCIe, I'm assuming that the ML605 FPGA must be first be programmed before the PC with the ML605 installed in a PCIe slot is powered on.  This means either the ML605 FPGA must be programmed via JTAG by another computer running iMPACT or the image must be uploaded to the ML605 flash so the ML605 can automatically program the FPGA from flash when the PC is turned on.  Looking further on pg. 38-39, it mentions using the 4FM GUI Control application to upload the firmware into FPGA A or FPGA B.  Is this referring to 4DSP carrier boards?  I don't see any mention of the ML605, so is it supported?  Also, how do I bring up the "Registers/Update" plug-in?  Am I not seeing any plug-ins because "Active Devices" is always "No device found" b/c the GUI is not connecting to the device?  How do I fix this?

arnaudNL February 13, 2013, 05:43 PM (#1)

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Dear Sir,
According to my records you have not purchased the PCIe reference firmware, this is an option available separetely which provide you with a new reference firmware having a PCIe engine instead a Ethernet engine.
This being said, indeed the GUI will only detect a Xilinx evaluation kit when a 4DSP firmware having a PCIe engine is loaded in the FPGA. Indeed this can be done using JTAG followed by a reboot/restart or the bit file can be converted into a .mcs file which can be programmed using impact and not using our GUI.
The GUI in this case will only display the Diagnostics/Information tab showing the firmware IDs, other functions as synthesizer frequency, monitoring devices are not supported on Xilinx evaluation platform.
I hope having informed ou sufficiently.
Best Regards,