IEEE-754 Floating Point FFT/IFFT IP Core

For fixed point FFT please visit the fixed point FFT page


4DSP's Floating Point FFT core is the most flexible IEEE-754 compliant FFT core available in the FPGA world. Designed for high performance programmable devices from Xilinx and Altera, this core performs Fast Fourier Transforms ranging from 256 points to 64M points and is ideal for high precision spectral analysis, radar and video processing applications. Download our bit-true model for 1D and 2D FFT.

Radix-32 vs Radix-2

This core is designed around a radix-32 butterfly architecture. With equal performances, the memory resources and bandwidth required by our core are five times less than a design comprising five radix-2 cores in parallel. Smart IP solutions increase board efficiency and reduce the price of Digital Signal Processing systems!

Target devices

Device resources usage for IEEE-754 implementation

The following graph displays the Signal to Noise Ratio of a Fast Fourier Transform performed over a 1024 points random vector with a 24-bit wide mantissa and 8-bit wide exponent. The software Discrete Fourier Transform was calculated using the FFTw functions.

A fully functional VHDL test bench and bit-true Software development kit are delivered along the FFT/IFFT core for simulation purposes and specific performance characterization.

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