PCIe490 Expansion Chassis

8-slot PCI Express Gen 2 FPGA I/O Expansion Chassis

4DSP PCIe490 Expansion Chassis

  • Description

      The PCIe490 Expansion Chassis enables users to scale application workstations with up to eight additional PCIe boards per chassis and up to 63 total slots with chassis daisy chaining. The PCIe490 was designed to accommodate the 4DSP PC820 and PC821 with Xilinx Ultrascale technology and multiple FMC+ interfaces. Using the wide variety of 4DSP FMC technology, engineers can build a system with up to 128 high speed channels per unit using the FMC216 or FMC116. Alternatively, engineers can build an advanced TX/RX MIMO solution with up to 8 channels at up to 5GSPS using the FMC170. Since the PCIe490 is physically separate from noisy and thermally hot workstation components, users have better control over signal and thermal performance of the system. The system is rackmount ready and is capable of hosting 3rd party PCIe hardware such as GPUs and many others. To configure your system contact 4DSP sales at sales@4dsp.com

      Download the PCIe490 datasheet for more technical details.

      PC490 Block Diagram PC490 Daisy Chain Diagram

  • Features
      8-Slot PCI Express Gen 2
      PCIe x16 Host Datalink
      ATX Power Supply
      x4 PCIe Lanes Per Slot
      Rack Mount Ready
      Isolated Temperature Environment
      Chassis Daisy Chain Enabled
  • Application
      MIMO Applications
      Algorithm Development
      Software Defined Radio
      Experimental Physics
      FPGA Systems Design